Goofing Githeri Media doing their best in airing False Information under sponsorship of city cartels

Goofing Githeri Media doing their best in airing misleading Information under sponsorship of cartels.

“No more room of intimidation by cartels , gutter/ Githeri media and enemies of progress. Am not going to be distracted by gods of super division. We are not going to politicize on the war against corruption.” Says the Governor of city county.

The governor of Nairobi city county Mike Sonko bas repeatedly told off the group of people distracting and intimidating his fight against corruption.

Kenyans woke up early in the morning just to be shocked by fabricated headlines in the media . The gutter press has been working hard to deteriorate the good task and achievements made in Nairobi county.

In the recent few weeks some cartels led by Abdi Guyo have been moving around the county disbursing bribes targeting to undress the governor with damning allegations. He had been held on spot through CCTV footages which shows all the dirty deals.

Abdi Muhammed thé current EACC director is working closely with cartels to ensure they silence the governor through crooked unconfirmed stories . The cartels have been derailing the big agenda by frustrating the man in service.

The afromentioned allegations were said to be false and lacked authenticity. ROG security and Arbab owned by Anthony Obok alias Jamal does not do business with the county. However some 2 companies which have been doing business with the county did it before Sonko was elected the Governor (2016). They were fueling their cars at Arbab petrol station and hiring security guards at ROG security. Arbab has been dealing with real estate agent since 2015 and they bought alot of Sonko’s land .

The great constituents of Nairobi are waiting for the prèsident to disband the EACC which has been turned to a brothel and business unit by the director.

It has been in the public domain when Governor SONKO addressed the prèsident telling him of the cartels who even planned for his assasination.

The elected leaders are staying in fear for they know the EACC can come for them and embarrass due to Political witch-hunt or if they fail to meet the corruption bribery agreement.


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