Why Sakaja’s team IS fighting back corruption in search for publicity.

Senator sakaja has wired teams of cartels basically aiming to fight Governor Sonko.

This might be the last mission tried and lost terribly by the city cartels who have been in the Frontline to sabotage the good works of Nairobi Governor.

It seems to be political witchcraft curtailed by evils , a character potrayed by the afromentioned team. Mike Sonko has been crying out to the prèsident to intervene and help win the fight against corruption.

It is clear that the court and other sectors cleared Mike Sonko In his race to contest for the Makadara parliamentary position , senatorial position and gubernatorial position.

The big question clicking in the mind of Kenyans is why the bodies shouting and uttering massive insults never spoke before. Then there might be someone stepped on.

It is the right time for the prèsident to revisit the ethics and anticorruption commission until it’s clean. The city cartels have been working with the director of criminal investigation in acts of corruption.

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