Rev Lucy Natasha Arrival moments at Windhoek-Namibia

The richest ever celebrated Nairobian preacher Rev Lucy Natasha alias Oracle of God has parted the country to Namibia for a four day consecutive prophetic ministry

Upon her arrival , she received a warm reception from th host Prophet Martein Elamenji. Rev Natasha will minister at Windhoek Namibia for four consecutive days as the entire followers expected to experience supernatural breakthroughs and testimonies of God wonders. She urges on the importance of attending the prophetic meeting since it will be one of the very best ever conducted in history.

“We arrived safely together with my team in Namibia for a kingdom assignment. I declare this is a season of unexpected miracles , open doors , breakthroughs , healing and unanswered prayers in Jesus name.” She adds

Hours later , the protocol team received her and escorted the entire team to the Devine hall of duty. Various team were prepared to give presentations as they marked the begging of their ministry at Namibia .

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“Am full of a faith and expectations of such a glorious time of impacting people in their God given ministries and destinies breakthroughs in Jesus name.” She wrote on her Facebook page.

Rev Lucy Natasha preachings contain alot of teachings saturated with the demonstration of power of God with a sharp prophetic move as showcased in her previous ministry duty across the nations.

Various testimonies have been received as she ministers.

The Oracle is an author of different books like Before You Say I Do, Favor, the Game Changer
This books have become a fixture of inspiration and prayers. From her social media accounts which are followed by over a million people, the love she has for people is truly exceptional. She has travelled to over 50 countries across the world giving the message of hope .

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