Komrade Isaka “Finally” Graduates From the University Of Nairobi

The outspoken University of Nairobi student leader Isaac Kwenyu Thuku alias ‘komrade isaka’ will be graduating on Friday December from the UON.

In a statement posted on Twitter , isaka invited his collauges for the colourful event at the University grounds. He promised to fund utmost 70 buses that would transport his friends from all corners of Nairobi .

He later cited of education continuation. Komrade Isaka IS expected to her back at the University of Nairobi on January 2020 for another degree.

Isaka has been at the forefront in championing fo the interest of conrades. He has gained Media recognition inside and outside the University. Isaka has been the source of (first hand) news. In matters concerning students , they would prefer to get his updates.

Alot of students all over tge social media sent him messages of thanks (congratulations).

The mpashe family also joins in wishing the contraversial activist all the best as he walks through the path of greatness.


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