“Isaka Is a Second year don’t be fooled” -Yvonne Ndichu

Komrade Isaka’s Ex girlfriend Yvonne Ndichu Slams reports circulating all over social media that His Former boyfriend is graduating.
In her WhatsApp status Update Ndichu advised Comrades to stay away from the fake news terming Komrade Isaka as a Mkora who is using Publicity and paying bloggers to market him after too much pressure from Students and School management forcing him to graduate.

Komrade Isaka with his Ex Girlfriend Yvonne Ndichu

“Komrade Isaka Is not qualified to graduate. We separated last year when he was still Copying second year notes.how come within a period of one year he has managed to do all the two academic years.Wajinga pekee ndo hawaoni Isaka anawafunga Macho.I don’t think if we have a University in Kenya that allows students to complete two academic years within one year.” Yvonne Ndichu.
Comrades are now in dilemma.last week we saw all over Social media platform Comrades Condemning Komrade Isaka for summoning King Kaka to DCI headquarters. It’s another scandal within another scandal. Hope the school management will be clear on this issue concerning his graduation.

UoN Comrades planning to demonstrate if Isaka Accepts to graduate

If false Comrades are ready to slap him his Buttocks and teach him a lesson this is after a short meeting held outside hall 9 .


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