Pumwani Maternity the pride of our mothers

Pumwani Maternity CEO and former University of Nairobi student leader has urged all Comrades and Kenyan youths at large to be keen during this Christmas and new year festive.From his Office statistics shows that during December, many Youths get pregnant and also infected with sexually transmitted diseases like; Human papillomavirus infection, Genital herpes,Chlamydia,Syphilis,Gonorrhoea and HIV/AIDS
-which spreads by having unprotected vaginal, anal, or oral sex.

Pumwani Maternity CEO Geoffrey Mosiria

“My advice to all mothers and Our girls outside there, don’t be fooled that abortion is the only solution to unwanted pregnancy.Pumwani Maternity is trying all means possible to educate youths and mothers on the best ways to prevent these unwanted pregnancies.You can not build by destroying. That’s why each and every day we are working closely with our County Governor HE Mike Mbuvi Sonko to ensure that Pumwani Maternity becomes the only solution.As the CEO of Pumwani Maternity my dream is that one day our mothers and girls of this nation will be proud of their pregnancies.Ones pregnant and imagine of the good service at Pumwani they just smile and wait for giving birth.That’s the Kenya we want.”
Geoffrey Mosiria

Last week we saw Nairobi County Governor HE Mike Sonko adding modern equipments.This has really motivated and given too much hope and trust to our mothers while giving birth.

Governor Mike Sonko during display of New Technology at Pumwani Maternity

The new technology has reduced death rates from 20% to zero as compared to the past regime when Pumwani was known all over social media with all sorts of negativity like baby exchange,poor operations leading to deaths and Mother to child infections

The cleanness Condition of Pumwani Maternity

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