Frank Mirina Warning to all Gusii/Kenyan Youths

In no time the title youth will be long gone even without us noticing the spread at which time flies. In no time we shall be told that our time is up yet we have not achieved much that we can be proud about. As a young man or woman, we are considered to be the gate keepers of our community and opinion shapers. Long gone are the days that the old would seat and give instructions to the youth to follow rather it is time that we need to be involved in decision making. It is in the past we the youth could be used to fight one another at the expense of defending character of an elder somewhere. It is long gone when we could be used and dumped after every election period. To my fellow youths, a time has come that we need to realise that we are custodians of our own future , the future of our community and our grandchildren. When they were youthful many are considered to have brought immense changes into the community we live in today although some did not live to enjoy the fruits of their hard work determination and efforts they made to bring the much needed change . The sweet history of Tom mboya lives fresh in our minds though he died when not many of us were born is a clear manifestation of what he could do and stand for as a young man even if he died before time.

Gusii Young Leaders Association dinner

The greatest of our time like James orengo who has has been involved and participated in the frontline to bring change and reforms to our society. He is educated, a professional and also good in the street when need be. My question is, what will we be remembered for as young men and women of our time when history will be written?. Will we be considered keyboard warriors who never made a step out of a free Wi-Fi zone or donated 50bob Bundles to abuse and maim the image of others online because someone has told us so. Can we be considered the enlightened generation that has stood the test of time and patience to share our inner feeling without fear of victimization. Can we remove the fake image that we are putting just because you have been promised something that can never be fulfilled. I must agree that democracy is sweet and anyone and everyone is allowed to support whoever he or she feels is right to hold any office. Most of our youth have killed their dreams in the hands of people who use and dump them whenever they want. Many of the dreams are shuttered with the promise of being given a better future if you remain loyal. Loyal for what?. It s about time an agreement and memorandum get to start working. I will be happy to see a brother or sister who is a young man benefiting and enjoying for supporting a certain political alignment.
Our youthfulness will be long gone in the next less 10years and another crop of fresh , enlightened youth will be grown to take up our space. The norm will be that our elders will start to engage the fresh ones because your value will be long gone. Make hay while the sun is shining. As a young man never shy from choosing what you want and defending it to the end , but make sure it is of benefit for you now and the future. Never be ashamed to make changes in your life. Its a fool who doesn’t change mind. It is within the youthful age you can make mistakes and rectify them because age is on your side. Never stop dreaming, Never stop daring. Let us pledge to fight for what is ours for nothing for us without us is ours. Let us pledge to stand guard in ensuring our generation and that of our children and grandchildren is not jeopardized.

By Frank Mirina


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