“KUSO is like a thorn underwear”-Dtr Owiti Owayo

After Manyara Manyege failed to secure his re-election as the UNSA chair due to his insatiable greed for power and his high voltage of pride, he decided to front Nimo Sheikh – a non-student purportedly from MMU as his successor in KUSO. Since this confused and somehow, directionless leadership came into being, students have been queueing at the counters of the oppressors not to be served with plates of justice and love and fairness, but rather to collect their lengthy suspension and expulsion letters.In fact, having done an intensive assessment from across board, I’ve established beyond any tad of doubt, that perhaps the only achievement of Nimo Sheikh is basically updating her wardrobe with a series of lipsticks for her duck’s-beak-like lips. In the same vein, Fikirini Jacobs, having been dissatisfied with Manyara’s proposal of Nimo, he moved swiftly to establish his own KUSO and swore himself in-in order to offer an alternative leadership. Now, the only problem with the latter arrangement is that the then PUSA chair brought on board, individuals from other “universities” and “colleges” which me and many students from the mainstream institutions have never heard. Occasionally, these fellas could be heard barking and when the dentist was contracted to ascertain their abilities to bite, the medical analysis report he left behind, indicated in bold letters, that THE JAWS SHOWED NO PRESENCE OF TEETH. My younger brother, Fikirini, I’m told he’s 23, ought to know that sometimes you lead through proxies. Biblically, God is aptly described as omnipresent and omnipotent. With all these unique and colossal qualities, He still decided to rule the world via His son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. At this juncture when the powerful telescope and the powerful microscope at our disposal reveal a crooked terrain into the future and trifling details about the oppressor’s malignance respectively, it’s increasingly imperative to plant seeds of hope and seeds of do-somethingism and seeds of unity and seeds of egaliterianism into others in order to salvage this seemingly ugly situation. If we put self interest, greed and jealousy aside, we will surely win in the end. But for now, if I must say, we’re doomed until further notice.😎


Mbr, ADS.


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