Rev Lucy Natasha awaited Crossover 2019-2020

The Dubbed Night of Miracles: Rev Natasha crossover mission

Rev Lucy Natasha alias Oracle of God is expected to lead a powerful crossover kesha tonight at Laico Regency hotel along Uhuru Highway.

Addressing her social media followers on Facebook, Natasha has termed the crossover as dumbed night set for miracles themed 2020 year of succession.

“Welcome to the crossover night of miracles ,You will cross in wisdom , power breakthroughs , victory and wealth.I declare the crossover today that God will remember you like he remembered Zechariah and Elizabeth. May Angels be released on your behalf to fight for you and release breakthroughs.”

Rev lucy Natasha is targeting multitudes from all walks of life to attend as they usher in 2020 in style. lots of Music performances, worship and word of God are expected.

The Crossover Service is an annual event where church members and followers converge to end a year and begin another one together, united in prayer. The event is held at such venues as determined from time to time.

The intentions on New Year makes people have new resolutions as related to their past. Many believe in crossing over the year in style as fireworks and others spend time in churches.


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